Acta Acustica - Forthcoming

  • Corrigendum to: Influence of road traffic noise peaks on reading task performance and disturbance in a laboratory context
    Catherine Lavandier, Mehdi Regragui, Romain Dedieu, Carine Royer and Arnaud Can
    Accepted: 14/01/2022
  • Characteristics and mechanism of coupling effects in parallel-cladded acoustic waveguides
    Guanjun Yin, Pan Li, Xuebing Yang, Ye Tian, Jing Han, Wei Ren and Jianzhong Guo
    Accepted: 05/01/2022
  • Corona discharge actuator as an active sound absorber under normal and oblique incidence
    Stanislav Sergeev, Thomas Humbert, Hervé Lissek and Yves Aurégan
    Accepted: 04/01/2022
  • Effect of slit length on linear and non-linear acoustic transfer impedance of a micro-slit plate
    Alessia Aulitto, Avraham Hirschberg, Ines Lopez Arteaga and Esmée Buijssen
    Accepted: 20/12/2021
  • 2D phononic-crystal Luneburg lens for all-angle underwater sound localization
    Yongdu Ruan and Xu Liang
    Accepted: 16/12/2021